Welcome to our school

Our school is named after Heinrich Heine, one of the most significant German poets of the 19th century, and consists of a secondary school (Regionale Schule) and primary school (Grundschule).

“ Grundschule” starts at the age of six, offering four years of basic education. “Regionale Schule” is for children aged 10 to 16 (Years 5 to 10).

Heinrich-Heine-School has about 360 students and 35 teachers, 2 social workers, 2 secretaries, a caretaker and three cleaning ladies. The school is led by the Headmistress, Mrs. Reißmann, supported by our Assistants Headmistress – Mrs. Schult, Mrs. Dartsch and Mrs. Lukanek.

Welcome_1We have 29 classrooms in our school, including an Art room, Physics and Science room, a Computer Lab, a staff-room and a spacious kitchen. We have got a special room, where students can do their homework after school or spend their free periods and a number of smaller rooms (each containing a variety of books on a range of subjects), where teachers and students alike can work. Here, we also offer additional lessons, where pupils can receive extra support from their teachers to help them with their studies.

All of our classrooms are well equipped with CD players, TVs and interactive smart boards. Calendars, posters, pictures and plants make our classrooms bright and cheerful. Outside, we have a gym, a race track and other outdoor facilities, including an outdoor classroom for in the summer! All of our important school events are held in our Main Hall. Overlooking a pine forest, it seats 150 people and contains modern stage equipment.  Our music lessons also take place in this Main Hall. Adjoining the Main Hall is our cafeteria, where pupils and staff can buy and eat their lunch.

Our school has both compulsory and optional subjects. The compulsory subjects are: German, English, Math, P.E, Art, all Sciences (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) Geography, Social Studies, Music, Technology and History. Our optional subjects take place in the afternoon and all pupils from Year 7 must take part in at least 2 subjects a week.

Our optional subjects are: Spanish, Russian, French, Polish, the History Project, Ship Modeling, Art, Cooking Club and various sports, including Athletics, Football and Volleyball.